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Probate - Application for a certificate of inheritance

Proof of inheritance can be provided by means of a certificate of inheritance, which is issued by the probate court upon application.

If you have accepted the inheritance, you will often need a certificate of inheritance to prove your right to inherit. The certificate of inheritance is a certificate of inheritance.


A certificate of inheritance is only issued on application. This requires a court or notarized inheritance certificate hearing at which certain declarations must be made and affirmed in lieu of an oath.

The affirmation in lieu of an oath required to obtain a certificate of inheritance can only be made by the heir. If the heir is no longer able to do so, for example due to illness, the affidavit can only be made by a court-appointed guardian. Minors are represented by their parents or by a supplementary guardian
or guardian.

What documents do I need?

  • Application for a certificate of inheritance - other documents -

    Proof of identity and documents

    When you make an appointment, you will be informed which documents you have to produce.

    All documents have to be presented in the original or in a publicly certified copy. Simple copies are not sufficient. Only notaries or the registry office issuing the certificate are authorised to certify copies of civil status documents.

    The principle of presentation applies in the procedure. This means that the documents are to be procured by the applicant. The court does not assume this task!

    In any case, the identity of the applicant must be proven at the appointment by presenting an official photo identification (valid identity card or passport).