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Proof of disposal Confirmation

Are you subject to the obligation to provide proof of hazardous waste and must have a waste disposal certificate approved? Then under certain circumstances you will need an officially confirmed waste disposal certificate.

Disposal, i.e. recovery or disposal, including the collection and transportation of hazardous waste, is subject to a verification procedure under waste legislation. Waste producers as well as holders, transporters, collectors and disposers of hazardous waste are obliged to do so. Private households and small-scale producers who do not generate more than two tons of hazardous waste per year are exempt.

If the disposer is not approved for the privileged procedure and no proof of collection from a carrier can be used because more than 20 tons of waste is generated at the point of generation in the year, an officially confirmed proof of disposal is required.


  • Access to the electronic verification procedure via a mailbox directly at the Central Coordination Office (ZKS) or via a provider.
  • An electronic signature card is required for the necessary electronic signature of the verification documents. This signature card is available from various providers.

What documents do I need?

  • Prescribed forms of the Verification Ordinance
    • including suitable declaration analysis