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Register a business - legal person/GmbH or UG

A business registration is required when starting a business operation.

A business registration is always necessary if an independent operation of a

  • of a standing trade,
  • a branch office or
  • a dependent branch office

is taken up.

A trade registration is required in order to be allowed to operate a trade. In addition, a permit or an entry in the register of skilled crafts may be required, which must be applied for at the respective competent office.


The registered office of the commercial enterprise, the branch office or the dependent branch is in the city of Bremen.

What documents do I need?

  • completed business registration form

    (registration and transmission is also possible online - see procedures)

  • Identity card or passport

    - one copy is sufficient in case of written notification
    - in case of representation with written power of attorney, the authorised representative must be able to identify himself with an identity card or passport

  • Extract from the commercial register or, in the case of legal entities still in the process of being formed, the certificate of incorporation and the shareholders' agreement
  • any necessary permits

    (e.g. restaurant concession)

  • Craft card, if applicable