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Register as election worker / Bremerhaven

The allocation of election workers for the Bundestag elections has already been completed to a large extent. Registered election workers will be informed about their assignment in due time. Currently, registrations as election workers can only be considered for the reserve.

The election in the polling stations and also the counting of the postal vote is carried out by honorary election assistants. The honorary election assistants form the election committee. In Bremerhaven alone, more than 800 volunteer election workers are needed to conduct an election.

The tasks of the volunteer election workers include, for example:

  • Verification of eligibility to vote on the basis of the electoral roll
  • Distribution of the ballot papers
  • Release of the ballot box for the insertion of the ballot paper
  • Determination of the election result

Election workers must perform their duties impartially (e.g. they are not allowed to wear any sign indicating their own political convictions) and are obliged to maintain secrecy about the matters that have come to their knowledge during their official activities.

To prepare them for their work, election workers receive detailed information material. In addition, training courses are offered


Election workers who are members of the election committee must themselves be eligible to vote in the election in question.

For the election to the German Bundestag the requirements are:

  • German citizenship
  • Completion of the 18th year of life
  • not be excluded from the right to vote by a court decision.

For the election to the European Parliament, the requirements are

  • German citizenship or citizenship of a member state of the European Union
  • have reached the age of 18
  • not be excluded from the right to vote by a court ruling.

For elections to the Bremen Parliament and the City Council of Bremerhaven, the requirements are:

  • German citizenship
  • Completion of the 16th year of life
  • not be excluded from the right to vote by a court decision
  • have had their main residence in the state of Bremen for at least three months.

The activity as an election worker takes place honorary. In principle, every person entitled to vote is obliged to take on the honorary activity. It may be rejected only for important reasons. In the following cases, for example, there is the right to refuse an activity as an election worker:

  • on election day the 65th year of life has been reached
  • it can be made credible that the care for the family makes the exercise of the office in a special way difficult
  • the office cannot be exercised due to illness, disability, urgent professional or other important reasons.

The existence of an important reason must be proven.

The following may not be appointed

  • Candidates for election
  • Confidants of the election proposals
  • Members of other electoral bodies

Refreshment money

Election workers receive a refreshment allowance for their work. The amount of the refreshment allowance varies according to effort and responsibility.
For the election to the German Bundestag on 26.09.2021 receive:

  • Election chairman:inside 70 euros
  • Deputy election chairman: 65 euros
  • Secretary: inside 65 euros
  • Assessors 60 Euro