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Report the discovery of a bomb / eliminate explosive ordnance

Even decades after the end of the Second World War, many explosive ordnance and found ammunition are still lying undiscovered underground. Weather influences, chemical decomposition, corrosion or deformations due to an impact increase the sensitivity and thus the danger of found ammunition / explosive ordnance considerably.

If a private person, company or official institution wishes to carry out construction work on the property, there is an obligation to apply for an inspection of the property. Military explosives can remain effective almost indefinitely. In addition, security elements may have been rendered ineffective by firing or dropping them. A change of position, mechanical action or even the picking up of a warfare agent can trigger a detonation. There is therefore danger to life when handling explosive ordnance / found ammunition.


  • Application for the inspection of the land
  • Ensuring the explosive ordnance disposal service within the scope of its possibilities that safe work can be carried out in the civil engineering segment during construction projects
  • In areas classified as suspected contaminated sites, where interventions in the subsoil (this can also be the case with demolitions!) are to be carried out or where backfilling or sealing of areas is planned, there is an obligation to have these areas examined. Only the police are responsible for this classification of "suspected areas".

These inquiries are legally binding.