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  • Request cancellation of membership in the Chamber of Crafts and Trades

Request cancellation of membership in the Chamber of Crafts and Trades

If the operation of a craft or craft-like trade is no longer to be continued, you must apply to your Chamber of Crafts for deletion.

Businesses in crafts requiring and exempt from registration as well as crafts similar to crafts are compulsory members of their respective Chamber of Crafts and Trades and are registered there either in the Register of Crafts and Trades or in the Register of Owners of a Business in a Crafts Exempt from Registration or a Crafts Similar to Crafts. If you do not wish to continue your trade or if the registration requirements subsequently cease to apply, you must submit an application for deletion.
When the business is deleted from the register of skilled crafts or the register of owners of a business in an unlicensed skilled craft or a trade similar to a skilled craft, membership of the Chamber of Skilled Crafts also expires. If a craft business subject to licensing is deleted from the register of crafts, the crafts card must be returned to the Chamber of Crafts.
Eligible to apply are:

  • Tradesman or tradeswoman or
  • partner in the case of partnerships or
  • legal representative in the case of corporations (e.g. managing director of a GmbH)
  • in the event of death: Spouse or heir


The conditions for registration were not met or subsequently ceased to exist.

What documents do I need?

  • Fully completed and signed request for cancellation
  • Copy of the trade deregistration or re-registration or other documents showing that the requirements for registration are not or no longer met
  • Craft card

    Original of the craft card.