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request housing adjustment measures

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Are you physically disabled or do you have a care level? Do you need remodeling measures, e.g. for your shower, due to your health situation, but cannot finance them from your own resources?

Let the staff at the Central Housing Office advise you.

Advice and support in applying for a housing adaptation measure (WAM).

WAM is an instrument for creating living space for people with disabilities or in need of care that takes their individual needs into account if their housing needs cannot be met in any other way.

WAMs are all measures of a structural and non-structural nature that make it easier or possible for the disabled person or person in need of care to lead a life largely independent of outside help or that facilitate their care, e.g. by relatives or other persons.


  • severe disability (ID, degree of disability is not relevant) and/or
  • Classification into a nursing care level by the nursing care insurance fund of the health insurance fund

What documents do I need?

  • Application for support for a housing adaptation measure

    Informal application with the purpose of the handicapped accessible reconstruction of the living environment

  • Declaration of consent of the landlord for the implementation of a housing adjustment measure

    The condominium owner must agree to a conversion measure.   

  • Notification of the nursing insurance fund about the classification in a nursing level (if available)

    Confirmation of the need for care by the nursing care insurance fund.

  • Severely handicapped person's identity card or notification of the Bremen pension office (if available)

    evidence of officially recognised severe disability

  • proof of income and assets of the applicant

    All proof of income and assets, e.g. pension statements, alimony, other social benefits, savings books, life insurance, car