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Request qualified site plan

You want to erect a building on your property.

A qualified site plan may be required by the building supervisory authority (building regulations office). This is the basis for an assessment in the case of special property, building and boundary conditions.
A simple site plan can be prepared in its entirety by the designer on a certified extract from the real estate map.

The qualified site plan contains information about

  • scale
  • existing structural facilities on the property and neighboring properties
  • land register designation
  • provisions of a development plan on the type and extent of building use
  • area and designation of the building plot in the land register
  • recording of the protected tree population
  • Establishment of the height reference
  • completion of the building stock
  • among others


  • Entitled to apply are owners, heritable building owners or authorized representatives (e.g. architect) of the property.
  • The property in question is located in the municipality of Bremen.