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Setting up the construction site

Do you have any questions/concerns about safety or equipment on a construction site?

Construction site facilities on the building site, such as construction fences, construction signs, scaffolding, toilet carts, which are only set up temporarily, are projects that do not require a procedure.


  • Construction sites are to be set up in such a way that hazards or avoidable nuisances do not arise. If necessary, construction sites are to be fenced off with a construction fence and equipped with protective devices against falling objects. In addition, a construction sign must be erected when carrying out construction projects that are not exempt from procedures.
  • As the building owner, you bear the responsibility under public law towards third parties. Every construction site must be filed in such a way that the employees are protected against accidents.
  • Deposit all important telephone numbers at the construction site: Emergency doctor, police, fire department, public utilities or utility companies for electricity, water, gas. Provide a first aid kit. Put up a sufficient number of "Do not enter construction site" signs so that they are clearly visible. Always secure the construction site as far as possible (fencing, excavation protection, marking of danger points, lighting).
  • If you want to use the road surface during construction or for construction site equipment, you must have this approved (the Office for Roads and Traffic is responsible).
  • For each construction site where the expected duration of the work is more than 30 working days and where more than 20 employees are working at the same time, or where the scope of the work is expected to exceed 500 person days, the Bremen Trade Inspectorate must be notified in advance at least 2 weeks before the construction site is set up.