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Show property crime

If you have become aware of a property crime, regardless of whether you yourself were harmed or became a witness, you can file a report with the police online. In doing so, you inform the law enforcement authorities about the event and the course of events.

You can file a criminal complaint whether you are injured, can witness a crime, or are an uninvolved party. Fast processing is encouraged by selecting the state in which the event occurred. You can file a report informally, by phone, online and at the police station, either anonymously or by providing your contact information. The online report is to be considered an additional offer.

The criminal complaint focuses on the notification of a criminal offense. A distinction is made between different groups of offenses. In order to promote the fastest possible processing, please select the offense group of property offenses.

When you file a complaint, you are a witness in the criminal proceedings. Regardless of your online complaint, it may be necessary to summon you to the police station responsible for further processing, for example, in order to conduct a personal interview with you as a witness.

Furthermore, it is possible to attach photos, receipts or documents to the report as electronic attachments. This option should be used in particular to send evidence (purchase receipts, receipts or pictures of stolen items, damaged items or screenshots of screen contents) to the police with the report.


Any person who has knowledge of a crime can file a complaint. You do not have to meet any specific requirements.

What documents do I need?

  • Invoices, proof of ownership for stolen items, equipment or serial number.
    • Invoices
    • Proof of ownership
    • Equipment numbers
    • Serial numbers
  • Proof of identification (photo ID: identity card, passport, etc.)

    Proof of identity is mandatory for filing a criminal complaint.

    By e.g.: Identity card, passport, other form of photo ID with address, etc.

  • Filled out criminal complaint

    Application available for download under "Further information" - "Forms".