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Show waste water collection tanks in allotment garden areas

If your allotment garden produces waste water and the property is not connected to a sewer, you must install a waste water tank and notify the authorities in writing.

In an allotment garden or on a plot of land in a weekend or holiday home area where water is drawn from the public water supply, the person entitled to use the plot of land is obliged to dispose of waste water. Since the properties are usually not subject to the obligation to connect to the sewerage system, the wastewater must be collected in a wastewater collection tank and collected by a certified waste management company. The regular emptying is to be arranged in time.

Only sealed monolithic containers are approved as waste water collection containers. The tank must be dimensioned so that it can hold the wastewater of one month. The minimum size per plot is one and a half cubic metres.


The duty of disclosure applies to

  • Owners and/or users of allotment gardens
  • Owners and/or users of properties used as weekend or holiday homes,

if wastewater is produced in large quantities but the property is not connected to a sewer.