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Therapeutic full-time care for foster children

Children and adolescents in curative full-time care have special needs due to their impaired physical and/or mental development. These needs require close and intensive counseling of those involved in the foster care relationship. In Bremen, PiB - Pflegekinder gemeinnützige GmbH supports and accompanies caregivers and foster children with comprehensive services.

For the protection of foster children, the stability of a foster relationship as well as the satisfaction of foster carers and foster families, continuous and close supervision is important for the development of a stable relationship of trust.

In curative full-time care, the special needs of children and adolescents with a physical and/or mental impairment require close and intensive counseling of the foster relationships.

In Bremen, PiB - Pflegekinder in Bremen gemeinnützige GmbH provides counseling and support for foster carers.