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Transmit proof of disposal in the privileged procedure

You can use the privileged procedure for your proof of disposal under certain conditions.

The verification and register obligations under the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act (KrWG) are aimed at documenting and monitoring the proper disposal of waste.

As a waste-generating company that produces hazardous waste, you and the companies involved in its disposal must provide evidence of proper disposal, both to each other and to the competent authorities, and keep the necessary records.

As a waste-generating company, you must provide proof of disposal even before the start of disposal in order to prove the permissibility of the planned type of disposal.

The competent authority must confirm the permissibility of the disposal before it begins.

The obligation to confirm the proof of disposal does not apply in the so-called privileged procedure. This applies to the following companies:

  • Disposal facilities that are certified as specialized waste management companies or
  • Disposal facilities that belong to a company entered in the EMAS register or
  • Waste management facilities that have been exempted from the confirmation obligation by the competent authority upon request.

In the privileged procedure, disposal can begin immediately after the proof of disposal has been sent to the competent authority.


  • Software with which the verification documents can be created in electronic form, edited and signed with a qualified signature, and exchanged with other companies and the authorities. A personal signature card and a card reader are also required for the qualified signature of the forms.
  • The waste management company numbers of the waste-producing or waste-disposing company must be entered in the verification forms. If these have not yet been issued, they must be applied for from the competent authority before the verification forms are prepared.
  • The waste disposal company must meet one of the required conditions:
    • Waste management company
    • EMAS certification
    • Exemption by the authority