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turn in lost property

If you find a lost item that is worth more than 10 euros, you must immediately report and hand it in at the Ordnungsamt - Fundangelegenheiten at Stresemannstraße 48 or at one of Bremen's police stations.

You will need an appointment to hand in your lost property at the Ordnungsamt - Lost and Found. You can get an appointment by calling 0421/361-10080 or by e-mail:

Lost and found items turned in are kept for six months.

Lost property is:

  • Things that have an:owner:in and have been lost.
  • Stolen things that have been lost or thrown away by the person who stole them.

Lost and found items are not:

  • deposited,
  • borrowed or
  • disposed of things.

Animals belonging to a person must also be turned in. The responsible office is the animal shelter on Hemm Street.

No lost and found animals are:

  • Wild animals and
  • abandoned animals.

The handling of lost property is regulated by the lost property law. Information on the legal background can be found in the German Civil Code (BGB) in paragraphs 965 to 984. The enforcement of private lost property law is not the responsibility of the Public Order Office.