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  • Ukraine - German learning offers for refugees from Ukraine. - Ukraine - Пропозиції щодо вивчення німецької мови для біженців з України

Ukraine - German learning offers for refugees from Ukraine.
Ukraine - Пропозиції щодо вивчення німецької мови для біженців з України

Are you from Ukraine and want to learn German? Find out here about the free courses on offer in Bremen.

You can also find the following information in Ukrainian on the right under "Further information".
Наступну інформацію також можна знайти українською праворуч у розділіі "Додаткова інформація".

There are various offers for learning German in Bremen:

  • Advice on learning German
  • Courses from the federal government
  • Courses from the municipality of Bremen
  • Online offers for learning German

The links to the following offers can be found in the sidebar under "Further information".

Advice on learning German:

  • Migration advice from the Workers' Welfare Association (AWO)
  • Language Coordination Office of the State of Bremen

Federal government courses:

  • Integration courses
    They always consist of a language and orientation course and are extensive with at least 700 teaching units. The goal is language level B1.
  • Initial orientation courses (EOK)
    With 300 teaching units, they give you an overview of settling in Germany and teach you basic German language skills on everyday topics such as health, work or education.
  • MiA courses
    These courses provide women with relevant information for everyday life, for example how the school and education system works in Germany or what training and further education is available. A course lasts 34 hours, spread over several weeks or months. You can take part in up to three courses in a row.
  • Vocational language courses
    These build on the integration courses and prepare participants for the world of work in Germany. In addition to the basic course, there are also courses with different (target) language levels.

Courses offered by the municipality of Bremen:

  • VHS German courses
    The municipality of Bremen supplements the integration courses offered by the federal government with municipal language courses.
    Further information under "Requirements".

Online offers :

  • Goethe-Institut
    At the Goethe-Institut you can take online German courses for beginners (A1-A2) at a special price of €0.25. The courses are aimed at adults, children and young people.
  • Ebook for learning German from
  • Language cafés in Bremen


To register for VHS German courses you need:

  • Passport and either the residence permit according to § 24 (if already available) or the fiction certificate (proof of application for a residence permit according to § 24)
  • Approval/commitment letter from the migration office
  • Letter of exemption from costs from the BAMF