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Unschädlichkeitszeugnis bei Grundstückseigentum erteilen

Do you want to apply for a certificate of innocuousness for real estate property?

The certificate of innocuousness replaces the declaration of release from lien of the mortgagee and real creditor(s) in case of cancellation of a right to a part of the real estate to be written off.

The certificate of non-detriment certifies that the sale, exchange or gratuitous transfer of a part of the land (of small value and size) from the uniformly encumbered real estate will not harm the interested parties. The issuance of a certificate of non-injury is an administrative act, therefore, according to the Administrative Procedure Act, the parties involved must be heard. The hearing shall take place in writing and a deadline shall be set.


  • The address of the land plot or the land parcel number as the cadastral designation must be known.
  • The applicant has a legitimate interest and the parcel is of minor value and extent in relation to the remaining part of the land, the beneficiary is expected to suffer a disadvantage and the rights of the beneficiaries are only slightly affected.

What documents do I need?

  • Identity card
  • Power of attorney of the owner (if required)
  • Documents necessary to assess the facts of the case
    • Purchase contract
    • current extract from the land register
    • current addresses of the persons ü of the beneficiaries of the land plot
    • Proof that the permission of the entitled party or parties entitled only under unobstructed ä ltnism to be obtained with undue difficulty
  • Application for certificate of innocuousness