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View upcoming contract award

Would you like to find out about an upcoming contract award and view contract notices? You can do that via the "Public Purchasing" data service.

If you want to find out about an upcoming contract award, you can view the contract notices.

The contract notice is the start of a formal procurement procedure, if provided for by law. Contract notices are publicly available information about procurement procedures. With a contract notice, the contracting authority communicates its intention to award a public contract or to conclude a framework agreement.

Contracting authorities are obliged, if provided by law, to make public the implementation of a procurement procedure. Exceptions to the obligation to publish are also provided for in legal regulations

National and Europe-wide award procedures differ with regard to the contract notice both in terms of the form of the contract notice and the content of the notice.

The aim of the contract notice is to ensure that the largest possible number of potential candidates and bidders become aware of upcoming public contracts and participate in the procedure.

Contract notices can be viewed on Internet portals, official gazettes and, in individual cases, also through trade or daily newspapers.

You can use the Public Purchasing data service to view all contract notices. The data service is the freely accessible central place to find contract notices that are regularly supplied by other federal, state and local government procurement platforms. For the first time, companies and those interested in public procurement issues can find all the contract notices that are relevant to them in one central location.

By using the link to the contract awarding platform provided in the respective contract notice, you can carry out all further actions relevant to participation there.


  • None
  • Optional: For the Public Purchasing data service - ELSTER company account for the use of convenience functions such as saving search filters or forwarding found notices.