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100 km/h approval for vehicle combinations and buses


If no data confirmation is available or can be issued by the manufacturer of the trailer, or if the general operating permit for 100 km/h is only to be determined subsequently, the trailer must be presented to an officially recognized monitoring organization.

There it will be checked whether your trailer meets the technical requirements for this speed. If this is the case, a certificate will be issued there for the registration office.

The registration office will then make a corresponding entry in the trailer's vehicle documents and issue the 100 km/h sticker. The sticker must then be affixed to the rear of the trailer.

The same applies to buses and coaches.

Legal bases

More information

  • The fixed link between towing vehicle and trailer is eliminated.
  • An inspection of the towing vehicle does not take place. The owner or user of the vehicle/trailer combination is responsible for ensuring that the requirements - in particular the mass ratios - of § 1 of the 9th Ordinance on Exceptions to the Road Traffic Regulations are complied with. At the request of the vehicle owner, the officially recognized monitoring organizations will also prepare an entry proposal for towing vehicles (specification of the permissible total weights of the different trailer types) in accordance with § 27 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (Straßenverkehrs-Zulassungs-Ordnung) for field 22 of the vehicle documents with regard to the 9th Exemption Regulation to the Road Traffic Regulations (9. Ausnahmeverordnung zur StVO), which in turn will be adopted by the registration authority in the vehicle documents.