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Advice on discrimination

Are you disadvantaged or discriminated against in your job or private life because of your ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual identity, or because of racial prejudice? Are you being harassed? Here is an overview of the counseling centers that can give you support, advice and help

In Bremen, a large number of counseling centers are active, which contribute to the reduction of disadvantages and support those affected. This website would like to give an overview of the counseling centers and encourage those affected and interested to contact them. In addition, the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency offers telephone counseling for all citizens.

Disadvantage and discrimination can exist in everyday life, in private, at work and in the family. Discrimination can be hidden, but it can also be lived out quite openly and provocatively. In the worst form, it involves acts of violence. In some cases, however, discrimination is not perceived at all. Many are unsure when they are treated unfairly: Was that allowed, or should one defend oneself? Often there is no contact person. Often the question arises what to do: How can I defend myself, where can I seek help? Who will protect me from further escalation?

It is possible to defend oneself legally against many forms of discrimination. The General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), among other things, regulates the rights of those affected. According to the law, discrimination occurs when a person is unjustifiably disadvantaged on the grounds of race or ethnic origin, gender, religion or ideology, disability, age or sexual identity.

The counseling centers can help and provide assistance to those affected. They record the concern and can either help directly, or in any case they know who can be approached. In addition, anonymous counseling can be considered - for all those affected who do not want to disclose their identity.