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Apply as a foster parent, aptitude test


Interested applicants should contact PiB - Pflegekinder in Bremen gemeinnützigen GmbH. There they can get more information.

They can participate in information events without having to commit to anything.

For the aptitude test, they must first qualify by attending appropriate courses.

In addition, they must submit an application. They can also do this via the online service "Pflegekinderwesen Digital" with the form "Bewerbung Pflegeperson".

It is also possible to first contact PiB - Pflegekinder in Bremen gemeinnützigen GmbH via the online service.

Qualifying as a foster carer according to §§ 27, 33 SGB VIII or obtaining permission according to § 44 SGB VIII is not possible without an intensive application and qualification process. Thus, merely submitting the application form does not lead to suitability as a foster carer.

Legal bases