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Apply for a child passport (extension)

Since 12.12.2005, no children's ID cards have been issued, only children's passports. The children's passports are machine-readable and offer increased protection against forgery.

Children's passports that have already been issued remain valid until the end of their period of validity.

When traveling to the USA, please note:

  • In addition to the children's passport, it is mandatory for children to obtain a visa (see Travel and Security Regulations of the German Foreign Office).
  • German citizens must also be in possession of an electronic entry permit for visa-free entry into the USA - in addition to a regular (machine-readable Bordeaux red) passport - which can be applied for via the electronic travel authorization system of the Department of Homeland Security of the United States.


  • German citizenship

A photograph is required for each child's passport, regardless of the child's age. The photograph must show a frontal view and comply with the new special requirements for electronic passports. For age-related reasons, certain variations are permitted for infants and young children. Further information can be obtained from the BürgerService facilities of the Bürgeramt (in Bremerhaven, the Bürgerbüros) .

Please note: The child must be present to apply for the passport!

What documents do I need?

  • Proof of identity

    e.g. old or invalid identity card, valid (child) passport or birth certificate in the case of infants or young children who do not yet have a (child) passport or identity card.

  • Declaration of consent by the person with custody

    as well as their identity cards (also copies) and, if applicable, proof of custody

  • in the case of a change of name, a document or certificate from the registry office
  • Important note: the children must always be present in person!
  • 1 current biometric passport photo according to the photo sample board (not older than three months)
  • Important information about the photo booths in all offices of the Citizen's Office:
    • The machines are operated by outside companies and often do not work. It cannot be guaranteed that passport photos can be taken on site. We advise you to bring passport photos to the appointment.