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apply for a postal vote

Are you entitled to vote and would like to vote in a different polling station or take part in the election by postal vote? Then you must apply for a polling card.

If you have received a polling card but cannot or do not want to vote in your electoral district on election day, you can apply for postal voting documents. The postal voting documents sent to you contain the polling card.

The polling card is an official document. The polling card contains a declaration in lieu of an oath, which must be signed in order for your postal vote to be valid. In European and Bundestag elections, the polling card can also be used to vote at a polling station other than the one assigned to you. This is not possible for state and local elections.

The polling card will indicate where and how you can apply for postal voting documents.

If you are unable to use the designated polling station due to a disability, you can also apply for a polling card.

If you collect your polling card and postal voting documents in person from the electoral office, you will have the opportunity to cast your vote on the spot. The electoral office will ensure that you can mark your ballot paper unobserved and place it in the ballot paper envelope.


You are eligible to vote in the relevant election and are registered on the electoral roll. You can find out whether you meet the requirements for eligibility to vote in the respective election on the website of the electoral office. You can find the link under "Further information" - "Where can I find out more?" - "Information from the Bremen Electoral Office".

If you are applying on behalf of another person: You must submit a written power of attorney. Please note that an authorized person can apply for or collect postal voting documents for a maximum of 4 people.

What documents do I need?

  • Providing personal data

    (Name, date of birth, registration address/main address, different shipping address if applicable)

  • Written power of attorney if a third person is to submit the application for you or receive your documents.

    You will find a template for completing the power of attorney on the back of your election notification.