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Apply for a registration certificate

Because of the current situation, please note the Information on the home page of the Citizens' Registration Office.

For their purposes, you will receive a certificate from the population register about the data stored there about your person.

Please refrain from visiting us and apply for the registration certificate in writing. A copy of your identity card must be enclosed with the application. You will find the postal addresses of the BürgerServiceCenter under the heading "Zuständige Stellen".

Registration certificates are generally subject to a fee.

In certain individual cases (e.g. with purchase of achievements after SGB II or SGB XII or with a certain purpose connection) can be granted however on request an exemption from fees. Please submit appropriate evidence.

For pension purposes, in particular in the case of an institution abroad, a registration certificate can be issued which is regarded as a life certificate.

For child benefit, a certificate of registration can be issued which, in addition to personal data, contains information on the children registered at the same address as the applicant (so-called household certificate). Please bring the form you received from the child benefit fund with you.

No registration certificate is required for the application for housing benefit or a B certificate.


Important: This is a service provided by a local authority and cannot be certified by other local authorities.

What documents do I need?

  • Identity card or passport