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Apply for agri-environmental nature conservation measures and compensation for hardship

Your farm may apply for support under agri-environmental measures. If you cultivate grassland and you suffer disadvantages due to nature conservation regulations, you can apply for compensation for difficulties.

Agri-environmental measures (AUM)

By promoting targeted agri-environmental measures

  • additional incentives should be provided for the conservation of the cultural landscape and natural resources (including soils).
  • a reduction of harmful influences on the water balance as well as the protection of the resource drinking water shall be achieved. In particular, any impairment of the groundwater by nitrate or plant treatment agents and pesticides shall be counteracted.
  • the protection and improvement of the environment, genetic diversity and biodiversity should be achieved.

Compensation for Difficulties

Compensation for aggravation is granted for grassland if agricultural land use is made considerably more difficult due to nature conservation laws. Grassland is defined as an area permanently covered with grasses and herbs, which is used for maintenance at least once a year by mowing or grazing.

The compensation for hardship is granted for one calendar year at a time. Its amount is to be calculated according to the point value table (see "Form/Online-Service"). If the use is made equally difficult due to another legal or contractual obligation, no compensation for difficulty shall be granted.


Agri-environmental measures

Applications can be submitted by all agricultural enterprises whose agricultural land to be subsidised is located in Bremen.

Compensation for difficulties

The compensation for hardship applies to areas of 0.5 ha or more per cultivator, and to areas of legally protected biotopes of 0.25 ha or more per cultivator. It does not apply to areas for which compensation is to be granted under § 68 para. 1 to 3 BNatschG.