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Apply for early repayment of the BAföG loan

You can reduce your BAföG debt by repaying the loan early.

You will receive a discount on your BAföG loan if you repay it partially or completely early. The actual payment amount is then lower than the nominal repayment amount by the discount amount.

The prerequisite is that you want to repay at least EUR 500.00 early. You will be informed of the largest possible discount in the assessment and repayment notice from the Federal Office of Administration, which you will receive approximately 4.5 years after the end of the standard period of study.

You have from the day you receive the assessment and repayment notice until one day before the first installment repayment date to get the largest possible discount by repaying early. The discount will not increase the earlier you repay before this date.

You are free to accept the offer of early repayment by repaying the total amount reduced by the discount, or to start paying in installments instead.

Even if you pay off your loan in installments first, you can still opt for early repayment in full or in part later and receive a discount. The discount will be reduced accordingly the lower the remaining loan amount is. In this case, please submit an informal application for a discount to the Federal Office of Administration. You will then receive a corresponding offer, which you can accept on the specified payment date.

Note: You cannot "buy" a deferral of payment with an early partial repayment; the repayment period is only shortened towards the end. You remain obligated to pay the next regular installments according to the repayment schedule.


  • You have received BAföG with a loan component during your studies
  • You repay your BAföG loan partially or completely before the end of the payment period
  • In the case of partial early repayment, you must want to repay at least an amount of EUR 500.00