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Apply for funding for digital education infrastructure at schools


Eligible applicants were informed in advance about the application procedure and funding volume and provided with access data to the Measures Application System (MAS).

In addition, a request for verification of an eligibility claim can be submitted informally to the responsible office.

Submission of the complete application documents digitally via the Measures Notification System (MAS) as well as additionally the main application form in postal form.

An application notice is issued. The positive decision contains, among other things, information on the amount of funding decided, the period and procedure for calls for funds, and the proof of use process.

An appeal against this decision can be lodged with the administrative court.

Calls for funds are made by digital and postal form as soon as the notice of application has become legally binding after one month.

The one-month period for appealing the decision can be shortened by waiving the right to appeal (waiver of right to appeal form). In this case, calls for funds can be made immediately after delivery of a positive application notice. Multiple calls for funds up to the amount of the determined grant are permissible. The data protection declaration form must be attached to all calls for funds.

After a call for funds has been positively reviewed, the payment is instructed by the financial management of the responsible office.

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