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apply for maintenance advance

You are a single parent and receive no or irregular maintenance from the other parent for your child? Then you can apply for advance maintenance payments.

Advance maintenance payments are a state benefit for children of single parents. It helps to secure the financial basis of your child's life if the other parent does not pay maintenance, only pays part of it or does not pay it regularly.

You must raise the child in your household without the other parent. The child's center of life must clearly be in your household. You must not have married a new partner.

If all requirements are met, the maintenance advance will be paid to you until your child reaches the age of majority.

The amount of the maintenance advance is based on the minimum maintenance amount.

Since 01.01.2024, the following amounts apply

  • for children up to 5 years EUR 230 per month
  • for children from 6 to 11 years EUR 301 per month
  • for children from 12 to 18 years EUR 395 per month

After the age of 12, your child is only entitled to maintenance under further conditions, see section "Conditions".


In principle, children who meet the following requirements are eligible:

  • The child has not yet reached the age of 18
  • and
  • The child lives with only one parent in a joint household, and
  • The child does not receive child support or alimony from the other parent, or
  • The child receives child support payments that are less than the prevailing statutory child support advance rate.

If the child has reached the age of 12, the following rules apply:

  • The child does not receive benefits for basic security under the Second Social Code (SGB II) from the Bremen Job Center. Or:
  • The child receives benefits for basic security according to the Second Social Code (SGB II) from the Jobcenter Bremen and at the same time the single parent earns an income of at least €600.00 per month.
  • Or: Due to the granting of the advance on maintenance payments, the child is no longer dependent on basic security benefits (cessation of need for assistance). This also applies if the single parent has an income of less than 600.00 € per month.

Children with foreign citizenship can also receive advance maintenance payments under certain conditions. Eligibility is checked on a case-by-case basis. Requirements for the child or single parent (examples):

  • Citizenship of an EU country
  • Citizenship of Switzerland
  • Possession of a settlement permit
  • Possession of an EU Blue Card
  • ICT card
  • Residence title according to § 1 para. 2a UhVorschG.

What documents do I need?

  • birth certificate of the child
  • Identity card or passport
  • Supporting titles

    If available: Maintenance certificate, court order - judgment or proof of service of the maintenance claim.

  • Indemnification agreement

    If available.

  • Proof of the time of separation

    If you are married but live permanently separated from your spouse because the continuation of the marital partnership is refused by one of the spouses.

    Example: Confirmation from your lawyer.

  • Valid residence permit

    In case of foreign citizenship. With additional sheet, if necessary.

  • Acknowledgement of paternity

    If you are not or were not married: Deed, order or judgment.

  • Divorce decree or judgment

    If you are divorced.

  • (Reminder) letter

    If available: (Dunning) letters in connection with the assertion of child support claims.

  • Child support decision
  • Evidence of the child's income from property and work

    If available: for example, income from interest, work, or educational remuneration of the child.