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Applying for revocation of the mining permit

If you are active in mining with your company and would like to cancel your permit to prospect for mineral resources, you can apply to the competent authority.

With a mining permit, also known as an exploration permit, you are the only person authorized to explore for certain raw materials in a defined area and for a prescribed period of time.

You can have this permit canceled in full or in part, either objectively or spatially. To do so, you must submit an application to the competent mining authority. You do not have to give any reasons for revocation.

There are 3 types of mining permits:

  • Permit for commercial purposes: exclusive right to discover deposits and determine their extent,
  • Permission for scientific purposes: exclusively for research purposes and
  • Permission for large-scale exploration: to determine the characteristics of possible deposits.

Permission under mining law extends to so-called non-mining mineral resources that are of particular macroeconomic importance. These include energy resources such as hard coal and lignite or crude oil and natural gas, as well as precious and non-ferrous metals and salts. The area covered by the permit is limited to the earth's surface and theoretically extends to the center of the earth.


You must have a mining permit for the exploration of non-mining mineral resources.