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Ausnahmegenehmigung für ukrainische Fahrzeuge beantragen

You want to apply for an exemption for your Ukrainian vehicle? Learn more about it here.

Anyone driving a vehicle on public roads in Germany that is not registered in Germany must transfer it to a German license plate after (at the latest) one year in Germany (Section 20 of the Vehicle Registration Ordinance). The period of one year is calculated from the day of entry into Germany. The vehicle must be covered by a valid motor vehicle insurance policy (AuslPflVG). This is proven by a border insurance or green card, which you have either already taken out upon entry, or in Germany. Pay attention to the validity period of your insurance and extend it in time if necessary. If you have been in Germany for more than one year, have brought your vehicle from Ukraine, and your main residence is in the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, you can apply to us for an exemption permit. With this special permit you do not have to change your vehicle to a German license plate. You may continue to drive with your Ukrainian license plate with the permit, until 31.03.2024 at the latest. Valid insurance coverage must be proven for this purpose.

The exemption permit is issued under the condition that it must be carried. The granted exemption does not exempt from the obligation to pay vehicle tax for the vehicle in Germany. Please contact the main customs office in Bremen for this purpose.


  • The owner of a vehicle registered in Ukraine applies for temporary continued use of the Ukrainian license plate and declares that he or she does not wish to take up permanent residence in Germany.
  • The owner has registration papers entitling him/her to international traffic and is recognized as a refugee.
  • The applicant provides proof of insurance for the duration of the validity of the exemption.

What documents do I need?

  • Valid identity card, passport or electronic residence permit (eAT) of the applicant vehicle owner (front and back) with proof of main residence in Bremen
  • In case of representation with written power of attorney:
    • additionally: identity card or passport of the authorized representative
  • Ukrainian vehicle documents (Registration certificate)
  • Proof of the existence of insurance (green card or border insurance)
  • Valid test report on a positively completed security check
    • according to § 20 para. 3 FZV e.g. TÜV, DEKRA, GTÜ, KÜS, GTS, FSP