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Consumer complaint

What can I do if I want to complain about a food, about unhygienic conditions in a food company or if I suspect that I have become ill because of a food?

You can inform us about it.
We will then follow up your comments.
For example, if you have purchased a spoiled food product, you can also return it to us. Please contact us in advance. It is important that you can tell us when and where you bought the food. The easiest way to do this is to have the receipt with you.
Do you have any health problems and suspect that they result from eating in restaurants, canteens, snack bars or similar establishments? Please inform us as early as possible, because then we have the chance to find leftovers of the food components in the affected establishment which are not yet in circulation and which we can have examined.
Depending on the severity of your complaints, you should of course not fail to consult a doctor. In very urgent cases and on weekends we can be reached via the police.


The more precise the information you can give us, the more targeted our investigations, checks and measures can be. Please take some time to gather all the important information in advance of your complaint. Our colleagues on the phone will then guide you through a catalogue of questions, which you can then answer much more easily. Important are the questions about the type of good/problem, the time of occurrence, the time of purchase of the food and similar.