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Death: Death abroad - subsequent certification in a German death register

If a person with German citizenship has died abroad, an application for subsequent certification in the German death register can be submitted to the registry office. The time of death is decisive for the possession of German citizenship, i.e. the deceased person must have been German at the time of death.

The application can also be filed if the person had the status of a stateless person, a homeless alien or a foreign refugee within the meaning of the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees with habitual residence in Germany.


The registry office in whose area of jurisdiction the person who died abroad has or had his or her (last) residence or habitual abode is responsible.

If the deceased person did not have a domicile or habitual residence in Germany, the registry office in whose area of jurisdiction the applicant has or had his or her domicile or habitual residence is responsible.

If this does not result in jurisdiction, Standesamt I in Berlin is responsible.

What documents do I need?

  • In principle, the same documents must be submitted as for the registration of a death in Germany.

    The following documents are also required:

    • Identity card/passport of the applicant
    • Foreign death certificate with translation in Germany and if necessary with certification by the competent foreign authority (apostille) or legalization by the German diplomatic mission abroad
    • the marriage or civil partnership certificate of the last marriage or civil partnership and, if applicable, proof of its dissolution
    • the birth certificate,
    • proof of the deceased's last place of residence
    • In the case of naturalized persons, persons entitled to asylum, stateless persons, homeless foreigners and recognized foreign refugees, the naturalization certificate or proof of special status must also be submitted.

    It may be necessary to submit further documents.

    The registry office will be happy to advise you.