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Deregistering the vehicle (due to theft or embezzlement)

Because of the current situation, please see the information on the Citizen's Bureau home page.

Stolen or misappropriated vehicles should be regularly taken out of service to avoid disadvantages for the owner.

The license plate is blocked by us and advertised for a nationwide manhunt.

The tax and insurance obligation expires when a vehicle is taken out of service.


Only vehicles registered in Bremen can be deregistered.

The owner of a vehicle must provide proof of the whereabouts of the license plates or the registration plate. In case of theft or misappropriation, this is done by presenting a certificate from the police confirming that a report has been made.

Important: This is a service provided by the local authority. You can therefore only go to an office in your place of residence.

What documents do I need?

  • Identity card or passport
  • for representation with written power of attorney (informal)

    additionally: identity card or passport of the authorised representative (also as a copy)

  • with deregistration for companies

    in addition:
    - extract from the commercial register (also as a copy)
    - informal written power of attorney, if the person authorized to represent the company does not personally submit the application on site

  • Registration certificate part II (formerly: vehicle registration document)

    If the ZB II is in the possession of a third party, it must be sent to the licensing authority. Only when the document is available to the authority can the change be made.

    After completion, the document is returned to the sender.

  • Registration certificate part I (formerly: vehicle registration document)
  • Proof of reporting to the police