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Disposal of biowaste

Since 01.01.2015 biowaste has to be collected separately (§ 11 of the Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act).

Organic waste, such as organic kitchen waste, can be collected in the organic waste bin or handed in free of charge at all recycling stations.

The use of the organic waste bin is voluntary. The size of the organic waste bin depends on the volume of the residual waste bin. There is no obligation to use an organic waste bin in Bremen.

Ecologically and also legally, biowaste has no place in residual waste, because biowaste is a material. The people of Bremen have three ways to deal with their bio-waste:

  • to use an organic waste bin
  • to compost biowaste yourself
  • Take biowaste to a recycling station

The use of the organic waste bin is financed through the waste charge and does not involve any additional costs. The size of the bio bin depends on the volume of the residual waste bin. The organic waste bin is emptied every 14 days. The dates can be found in the Bremen waste calendar. Please place the bin in the street on the day before collection at the earliest from 18:00 hrs, but no later than 07:00 hrs on the day of collection.

If you have space in the garden, you can make compost yourself. The organic substances and nutrients are thus kept directly in the cycle. Practical tips for this are offered by environmental associations and also the Bremen consumer advice centre.

For those who do not want to use organic waste bins or self-composting, Bremen offers to accept organic waste at the recycling stations. This service is financed by the waste fee and can be used without further costs.


The property is connected to the municipal waste disposal system, i.e. a performance fee is paid for at least one residual waste bin.