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Dog tax: re-registration of a dog (change of residence)

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Would you like to inform us that you and your dog have changed your place of residence?

If you and your dog have moved your place of residence, this must be reported to the dog tax office that has become responsible within the legally prescribed period. Each municipality has its own regulations.


If you move your place of residence from another municipality to the municipality of Bremen, you must notify the Bremen tax office of your dog ownership within two weeks (§ 13 Paragraph 1 of the Bremen Dog Tax Act). A monthly pro rata credit of the dog tax paid by the other municipality may be possible on application (§ 13 Paragraph 1 of the Bremen Dog Tax Act). The maximum amount that can be credited is the amount of the Bremen dog tax. Please submit a copy of the dog tax assessment notice from the other municipality and proof of payment to the Bremen tax office.

If you move your place of residence from the municipality of Bremen to another municipality, you must deregister your dog in the municipality of Bremen and, if necessary, re-register it in the other municipality. Deregistration in the municipality of Bremen is done by informal written notification to the Bremen tax office and the return of the dog tax stamp. Find out from the other municipality about the dog tax liability there.

If you change your place of residence within the municipality of Bremen, please inform the dog tax office at the Bremen tax office informally of your new address.

The re-registration does not take place automatically (not even if you move to Bremerhaven)!

What documents do I need?

  • Identity card
  • Dog tax stamp

    Dog tax stamp (when deregistering from the municipality of Bremen].

  • bremische Form dog registration and cancellation

    The Bremen form "Dog registration and deregistration" is available for you on the Internet.

  • Copy of the dog tax certificate ( when registering in the municipality of Bremen )