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Fine notice Traffic violations

A fine notice is the punishment for a traffic offense. In addition to the amount of the fine, the fine notice also contains fees and expenses. A fee of 5 % of the fine is charged, but at least 25.00 euros and expenses of 3.50 euros. A fine notice can also result in points in Flensburg and driving bans.

The amount of the warnings and fines, the points in the driving aptitude register (FAER) in Flensburg and the imposition of driving bans are set out in the catalog of fines.

Please note that in the case of previous entries in the driving aptitude register, decisions may be made that deviate from the catalog of fines. If you commit the same traffic offense several times within a certain period of time, you will be accused of persistence and will be considered a repeat offender.


  • Infringement of traffic regulations