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Help telephone for violence against women and girls

The "Violence against women" help line, which can be reached nationwide, offers competent advice around the clock and in many languages if you are affected by violence.

Many women experience violence. No matter where they live, where they come from, how old they are or what school-leaving qualification they have. Regardless of whether or what they do for a living and what their financial situation is - violence can strike anyone.

Women's rights are human rights. Women have a legal right to protection from violence or the threat of violence. Different laws regulate the criminal liability of sexual violence, violence in a relationship, sexual abuse, stalking or forced marriage.

If you yourself are affected or if relatives suffer violence, please contact 08000 116 016.


Telephone counselling for all women who experience or have experienced violence, their relatives and professionals who deal with them. Availability around the clock. Counselling is provided in many languages. Translations are provided if required. It is also aimed at women with disabilities.

The consultation is free of charge and confidential.