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Land register - inspection of the land files

Owners or entitled persons may apply for inspection of land records in person or in writing at the competent land registry office.

A certain group of persons (owners, persons entitled in rem, creditors or their authorized representatives) may apply for the issuance of an extract from the land register at the competent district court (land registry) in person or by submitting a written application. The written application may be submitted by mail or by e-mail. If the application is sent by e-mail, please scan or photograph the application beforehand. It is not possible to apply by telephone.

The land registry will verify the legitimate interest and, if the conditions are met, will make the files available for inspection on the day after next for a period of one week.


A legitimate interest is given if factual reasons for the desired inspection can be presented which make the pursuit of unauthorized purposes or mere curiosity appear impossible.

Therefore, for example, creditors of the property owner who intend to foreclose on the property or prospective purchasers with whom the property owner is already in negotiations may inspect the land file.

The justified interest must be proven by appropriate documents (power of attorney of the owner, draft of the purchase contract, execution title).

Each inspection shall be documented (Section 12 (4) of the Land Register Code).

What documents do I need?

  • Identity card of the applicant, if applicable, power of attorney of the represented person
  • Land register designation

    Complete land register designation (e.g. Vorstadt L 43 sheet 1234)

  • Proof of legitimate interest

    e.g. power of attorney of the owner, draft sales contract or enforcement order