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Online - new registration of a vehicle

Due to nationwide regulations, the online portal for digital vehicle registrations (iKfz) had to be deactivated on January 1, 2024. The vehicle registration office does not currently offer online services. Work is currently underway to resume digital services. In the meantime, the analog services of the vehicle registration office are available to you. We apologize for the inconvenience.

With the 3rd stage of internet-based vehicle registration, it is possible as a private individual to carry out a new registration online from 01.10.2019.

After a successful application, the registration authority issues the registration certificate part I + II as well as the seal badge(s) on badge holder(s) and sends the registration documents to the person making the application.

The sticker carrier(s) must be affixed to the license plate(s) by the holder(s). Appropriate instructions are enclosed with the letter from the registration authority.
In the event that the check of the Internet-based application should reveal that one of the registration requirements is not met, the person submitting the application will already be informed of this on the screen and can correct it if necessary.

Online new registration is not possible:

  • if there is no registration certificate part II with hidden security code for the vehicle (issued after 31.12.2017).
  • if a registration is to be carried out in the multi-stage procedure.
  • if an approval is to be made in connection with an expert opinion / a technical modification.
  • if the technical vehicle data cannot be retrieved from the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (Federal Motor Transport Authority) because they have not been stored in the database.
  • if the vehicle comes from abroad, or was already registered there.

Reserve a personalized license plate:
If you would like to have a personalized license plate, you must do so via the link "Reserve a personalized license plate for Bremen". You can find the link under "Further Information" - Online Service" - "Reserve a personalized license plate for Bremen". This is the only way to generate the required PIN.


  • Ownership of a brand-new or used vehicle that has not been previously registered.
  • The applicant is a natural person and has a bank account for the collection of the vehicle tax
  • payment of the fee via ePayment system
  • Internet-based issuance of a SEPA mandate for the collection of the motor vehicle tax
    a tax exemption/reduction according to §3a paragraph 1 or 2 KraftStG must be applied for separately afterwards at the customs authority
  • There must be no motor vehicle tax arrears with the main customs office or fee arrears

What documents do I need?

  • Registration certificate part II (ZB II) with attached security code
  • identity card (PA) / electronic residence permit (eAT) with activated online identification function or electronic proof of identity (eID card) for EU citizens and members of the European Economic Area

    To read the PA or eAT, an external card reader or an Android smartphone with version 5.0 or higher and NFC interface or an IPhone 7 or higher with version iOS 13.1 or higher and the badge App2 is required.

  • electronic insurance confirmation (eVB)