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Pharmacist:in with training from third countries, recognize professional qualification



You submit an application for a license to practice as a pharmacist to the competent authority. The application must be submitted electronically. The original documents must be presented at a personal appointment. The competent authority will then check whether your training corresponds to the German training and whether all other requirements have been met. The license can only be granted if your training from a third country is equivalent to the German training.

Examination of equivalence

The competent authority compares your professional qualification from abroad with the German professional qualification. The competent authority will check whether your professional qualification is equivalent. The professional qualification is equivalent if there are no significant differences between your foreign professional qualification and the German professional qualification.

Possible results of the examination

If your professional qualification is equivalent, your foreign professional qualification will be recognized. The authority can confirm the result in writing. You must still meet the other requirements and provide proof of your language skills. You will then be granted a license to practice as a pharmacist.

Are there any significant differences between your professional qualification and the German professional qualification? You may be able to compensate for the differences through your professional experience, other knowledge or skills (lifelong learning). You must provide evidence of your professional experience. Knowledge and skills must be certified by an authority in the country in which you acquired the knowledge or skills.

However, it is possible that the essential differences cannot be compensated for by this knowledge. The competent authority will tell you the main differences and why you cannot compensate for the main differences with your professional experience.

The decision of the competent authority will also state the level of your training and the level required in Germany. You will then not be allowed to work as a pharmacist in Germany.

Knowledge test

If your professional qualification is not equivalent and you cannot compensate for the differences, you can take a knowledge test. The knowledge test is based on the final examination as a pharmacist in Germany. The knowledge test is an oral examination.

If you pass the knowledge test and meet all other requirements, you will be licensed as a pharmacist.

Legal bases

More information

Professional permit

With the so-called professional permit you can work for a limited period of time without a license to practice medicine. With the professional permit you are allowed to work under the supervision of a person with a license. You may then only be allowed to perform activities in a specific area of work. You must meet the following requirements for the professional permit:

  • Proof of your professional qualification
  • Health suitability
  • Personal suitability
  • German language skills: You must provide proof of language skills at the B2 level and pass a professional language test at the C1 level.

You can apply for the professional license at the competent office.

Letter of equivalence

In the approval procedure, the equivalence of your training is examined (recognition procedure). You can apply for a separate notification for the result of the examination.

Procedure for late repatriates

As a late repatriate, you can choose to go through the recognition procedure according to the laws mentioned here or according to the Federal Expellees Act. You can decide this yourself. The competent office will advise you which procedure suits you.