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Probate - disclaimer of an inheritance

Anyone who does not wish to be an heir must disclaim the inheritance in due time and form

The heir may waive the inheritance if it has not yet been accepted and the deadline for waiver has not yet expired. The inheritance is deemed to have been accepted once the deadline has expired.


Your waiver of inheritance is only effective if your signature has been notarized by a notary of your choice and the declaration is received by the probate court within the waiver period.

The waiver can also be notarized at the court of your place of residence or the Bremen district court as the locally competent court within the waiver period.

What documents do I need?

  • when disclaiming an inheritance

    At the time of notarisation of the rash declaration, it is mandatory to prove your identity by means of an official photo identification (valid identity card or passport). If available, the death certificate of the deceased must also be presented.