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Removal of the visual aid or changes to conditions and restrictions

Because of the current situation, see the information on the home page of the Citizen's Office.

If a visual aid is entered in your driver's license as a general requirement and you actually no longer need a visual aid due to eye surgery or natural eye changes, you must have the requirement "visual aid required" removed from your driver's license in order to avoid problems during traffic controls, as this is a violation of a requirement. Simply carrying the doctor's certificate or expert opinion is not sufficient in this case.

The same applies to any other changes in health, such as those resulting from surgery. Such changes in health can lead to changes in conditions/restrictions.

In such cases, the driving license authority must assess whether the conditions/restrictions need to be imposed, removed or left in place. This is usually done by submitting the relevant expert reports. In these cases, please contact the driving license authority.

What documents do I need?

  • Identity card or passport
  • Biometric photograph
  • Important information about the photo booths in all offices of the Citizen's Office:
    • The machines are operated by outside companies and often do not work. It cannot be guaranteed that passport photos can be taken on site. We advise you to bring passport photos to the appointment.
  • After surgical intervention: certificate according to Annex 6 No. 1.2 of the attending physician's driving licence ordinance
  • Presbyopia: Expert opinion according to Annex 6 No. 2 of the German Driving Licence Ordinance (Fahrerlaubnisverordnung)
  • Driving licence
  • A copy of the index card of the issuing authority at the time, if the current driving licence (pink / grey paper) was not issued in Bremen.