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Request a copy of the index card

You have acquired your driver's license in Bremen, but now live somewhere else and would like to exchange or extend your "old" (pink or gray) driver's license there or need a replacement driver's license after loss or theft? If so, you can request the necessary copy of your driver's license online, quickly and free of charge.

The driver's license office responsible for your new place of residence will request a so-called index card transcript from you, since the old driver's license was issued by a different driver's license office. The card index transcript provides information about your driver's license data - when you made which driver's license.

Please apply for the required card index transcript by sending an email to using the application form on the right. We will then send the index card transcript immediately and free of charge to the driver's license office responsible for you.


  • Possession of a driver's license
  • Driving license was not issued by the driving license office of the current place of residence