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Request information from the custody register


If you, as the mother of the child, are not married to the father and live in Bremen, you can request information from the custody register from the specialist service "Beistandschaft/Unterhalt für Minderjährige" of the Office for Social Services.

  • Use the online service "Written information from the custody register". You will find the link under "Further information" - Online service".
  • Contact your local office of the specialist service for guardianship/support for minors by telephone, in writing or in person.
  • Submit an informal application for information from the custody register to the responsible youth welfare office.
  • The responsible youth welfare office will check whether entries have been made in the custody register and will issue a certificate if necessary.
  • If the child was born in Bremen, the certificate will be sent to you shortly.
  • If the child was not born in Bremen, you must first check with the custody register of the youth welfare office in the place of birth. This will extend the processing time.

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