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  • Requesting access to the mining rights register or the mining rights map

Requesting access to the mining rights register or the mining rights map

If you wish to inspect the mining register or the mining register map, you can apply to the competent authority.

You can obtain access to a register of rights or a map of rights. To do so, you must prove a legitimate interest to the state authority. If you have been granted access, you can also request extracts and have them certified.

If you cannot prove a legitimate interest, you can only obtain information about the mining authorization regarding

  • holders,
  • Fields to which the mining license relates,
  • the date of application and issue,
  • term and
  • mineral resources.

Mining licenses are used to regulate and control which companies are permitted to explore and extract non-mining mineral resources in a specific area. The area to which the authorization relates is limited in terms of surface area and extends to the "eternal depth", i.e. theoretically to the center of the earth.

Register of rights:

The mining rights register shows the current status of all mining authorizations, also known as concessions, permits or rights. The types of authorization include

  • Permits,
  • authorizations,
  • mine ownership and
  • formerly granted rights ("old rights").

Documents containing business or trade secrets are excluded from inspection.

Rights of ownership map:

The fields to which the mining authorizations from the Berechtsamsbuch relate are shown on the Berechtsamskarte. Changes to these fields and construction restriction areas are also marked.

The "old rights" are mining rights granted or awarded before 1982. Mine ownership and equivalent rights, such as salt rights or clay leases, are perpetual under "old law" and can be inherited, sold and lent, nor do mining or field royalties have to be paid.


  • You do not need to provide proof when inspecting general information in the Berechtsamsbuch or the Berechtsamskarte.
  • For access to specific, non-general information, you must prove that you have a legitimate interest in accessing the Berechtsamsbuch and the Berechtsamskarte.