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Requesting and billing for patient transport

No one wants it, but sometimes you still need a patient transport.

In the first instance, the patients themselves, or the practices or hospitals, are responsible for organising a patient transport by means of a private ambulance company.

This is not a rescue service operation.

The Bremen Fire Brigade is only responsible if no private ambulance company can be reached or transport is only possible after more than 3 hours.

Ambulance transport is used to transport injured, sick or needy persons who are not emergency patients but who, according to medical assessment, require specialist care or a specially equipped ambulance during transport or for whom this is to be expected due to their condition. A special ambulance with specially qualified personnel (paramedics) is required for the transport. This distinguishes ambulance transport from patient transport services or taxi transport, which have fewer or no requirements in terms of personnel and equipment.


In Bremen, patient transports are carried out by private providers. The patients themselves can decide which ambulance company will transport them! This also applies to discharges from hospital.