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Residential parking - industry

Eligible applicants are tradespeople and freelancers who have their registered office in a residents' parking area.

The owner or authorized user of the requested vehicle must be the company or the freelancer. We require the vehicle registration certificate as proof.

If the restriction to one license plate is not possible, please contact us. Your: responsible contact person:in can be found at the end of this page.

Special feature: One exemption is granted per business. Provided that the company does not have a parking space or garage.

In case of car sharing or if you use a rental car temporarily, please contact us. You will find your responsible contact person at the bottom of this page.


Required documents at a glance - for new applications and renewals

  • Copy of business registration as proof of company headquarters
  • Copy of the vehicle registration certificate
  • Copy of the vehicle registration document and a confirmation of use from the vehicle owner if it is not the owner's own vehicle