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Responsibilities in school supervision

The School Inspectorate exercises technical, administrative and legal supervision of the schools. Within this framework

  • it has the supervision and responsibility for the quality and operation of the schools
  • advises the school management with the aim of promoting the independence of the school
  • it works towards a goal- and result-oriented, verifiable work of the individual school through target and performance agreements
  • she is the contact person for all groups involved in school. In the case of conflicts within the school, the school supervisory authority only intervenes if no solution can be found within the school.
  • It intervenes, for example, if the principle of equal treatment of pupils or the educational rights of parents have been violated.
  • it may annul decisions and measures taken at school, reject them for reconsideration or take a decision, or, if necessary, take its own decision

All supervision measures are designed to ensure and support the participation of parents and students.