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School trips with foreign pupils to other European countries


The "Schülersammelliste" can be applied for at the Migration Office by a teacher of a general or vocational school in Bremen for a class trip or school trip to another European country. As this is a formal identity document that must be accepted by the Schengen state to which the class trip is going, please follow the following procedure:
The school or the teacher should send an informal application by e-mail to a "student manifest".

The e-mail must contain the following information: Data on the class trip/excursion (name of school, period, destination) and the personal data of the participating foreign pupils (surname, first name, date of birth, nationality) for whom the "school collection list" is requested.

The Migration Office checks the data of the students and sends the document "List of Travellers" to the school or the assigned teacher by mail. In the document the school/teacher must cut the passport photos of the students and paste them in the correct order.

Furthermore, the school/teacher will receive an appointment from the Migration Office for the formal issue of the "student collection list".

At this date the document "List of Travellers" must be filled out completely and brought along with the original photos. Otherwise a successful processing will not be possible.

If you have a question about the procedure, please also send us an e-mail to the above e-mail address.

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