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Separation and divorce advice

A separation or divorce often puts families in a difficult situation. If you are looking for help and support, various agencies in Bremen can help you.

Numerous counseling services are available to people affected by separation or divorce. A distinction is made here between individual counseling, group offers for parents or parents' parts, group offers for children, mediation and information events.

Individual counseling for mothers, fathers or children, couples as well as individual families is offered when,

  • it is uncertain how to proceed with a separation for the persons concerned and the children,
  • the parents can no longer talk to each other,
  • there are concerns about whether the children will be able to cope with the separation or if the children have changed in a conspicuous way
  • support is needed with parenting arrangements
  • those affected feel overwhelmed by the entire situation.

The special advantage of group offers is the exchange with other affected persons. Group offers are available for the following affected persons:

  • Single parents
  • Fathers after separation and divorce
  • Mothers who are separated from their children

In group offerings for children between the ages of 5 and 12, children can exchange their experiences with each other. The offers usually take place once a week over a period of 5 months.

Mediation is an extrajudicial procedure that helps to objectify disputes between parents. The mediator helps to work out the interests and motives of the parents and to find objective and fair solutions for the whole family.

Information events of the Cooperation Workshop Separation and Divorce address topics that can affect people in separation situations in two to three events each year.