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Submit a petition


Because the right to petition applies to everyone, it must also be possible to exercise it without bureaucratic hurdles. That is why there are no formal requirements or specifications for the formulation of a petition.
You can submit a petition online or by mail or fax or orally.
Online, you can send the petition using the online form. You can find this under "Further information".
In writing, a simple letter in which you briefly describe your concern is sufficient. The letter must contain your full address and be signed personally. To simplify the procedure, it is good if you enclose the documents relating to your concern. You should address the petition to:

Petitions Committee of the Bremen Parliament
Am Markt 20
28195 Bremen

You also have the option of presenting your concerns orally during the citizens' consultation hours or at the Petitions Committee's office. Please make an appointment in advance with the secretariat of the Petitions Committee.
The petition procedure is a written procedure. Once your petition has been received by the Bremen Parliament, you will first receive an acknowledgement of receipt.
At the same time, the Petitions Committee asks the Senate for a statement. Once the Petitions Committee has received this, you will be given another opportunity to comment on it.
In order to clarify the facts of the case further, the Petitions Committee has the possibility of having the files presented to it, among other things. It can also ask representatives of the Senate, other public authority representatives and the petitioners to attend a committee meeting or obtain information about the circumstances on the spot.
The Petitions Committee submits its final opinion on how to proceed with the petition to the Bürgerschaft (state parliament) or the Stadtbürgerschaft (city parliament) as a recommendation. The Bremen Parliament then decides whether the petition should be forwarded to the Senate with a request for redress or rejected as unfounded. If the matter could already be settled in advance in favor of the citizens, the Bremen Parliament declares the petition to be settled.
The Petitions Committee has the duty to control the administration, but it cannot issue instructions to it. For this reason, the Senate is not obliged to comply with a decision by the Bremen Parliament to grant the petition. However, it must then justify its rejection orally before the committee.
The committee chairperson informs all persons who have submitted a petition in writing of the Bremen Parliament's decision in their case. The main reasons for the decision are also stated.

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